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Craig Muhl and his son, Eli, own The Sandy Bay Beach House but the home is enjoyed by the whole family. The immediate family consists of Craig and his wife Kareen, their daughter, Elody and their son, Eli. And we can't forget Ollie & Rubes, Eli's crazy little munchkins. We‚ve all lived in Colorado, USA since 93' and Kansas before that; Maine before that.

Island life has always been a part of our family as we also have an estate on a fairly similar small island in the Bahamas, Cat Island, which has been in our family for several decades. We have always preferred having a vacation home on a less touristy, but beautiful island with lot‚s to do. Unfortunately, this kind of paradise is hard to find. We felt that Utila offered that perfect combination of convenience, beauty, and lot‚s to do without the high profile tourism found in most of the Caribbean.

Craig and Kareen are now retired and enjoy traveling and being great grandparents. Craig still dabbles in investments with others and his son. Kareen is an artist and, being half French & half Chinese, she is an excellent gourmet chef as well. Eli is a washed up tennis player, real estate investor and realtor often including his father in his incredible deals. He is the one that you will most likely communicate with regarding Sandy Bay. Oliver Rocket Muhl does not yet have an official job except for eating, sleeping, and testing the rules on a consistent basis. Ruby is the littlest Muhl but just 3 1/2 months behind Oliver, adopted from China. Oliver & Ruby's favorite auntie, Elody, has a degree in graphic design & a cute husband we call Miles.

The Sandy Bay Beach House is cared for by Angelito Olivia, our hardworking, trustworthy and English speaking caretaker of the home for over 6 years. Angelito gives us peace of mind when were away for long periods of time. Angel, as most of our guests call him, knows how to fix pretty much everything in the house or he knows someone that does. He also travels with us to the mainland when we need someone to translate for us and often eats dinner with us when he's working late. Angelito is who you might first meet when arriving to Utila. Angelito's wife, Stella and his son Angelito also live on Utila.

We are very clean, do not smoke, love to travel the world, enjoy the outdoors, are avid tennis players and love to have fun. Diving, fishing, skiing, biking, reading, dining, golf, enjoying a good movie or book and playing with our pets; as well as Ollie and Rubes are more of our favorite hobbies. We enjoy traveling together as a family and often do.

We are very glad that you have taken the time to share our home and hope that you get a chance to enjoy a closer look; were confident you'll have as much fun as we do!