We've received so many requests and it‚s finally arrived! We purchased a deluxe EZ-Go gas-powered golf cart to take you & 4 to 5 more of your friends to and from town. Great for guests with young kids, elderly or injured. Great for hauling dive gear or groceries. And great if you just prefer not breaking a sweat whenever you head into town for a nice meal or to meet new friends.

We will be offering this to our guests on a first right of refusal basis at $40/per day. ($50/day for non-guests). There is no Honduran Tax for renting the cart. Please give us as much advance notice as possible. This golf cart is one of only a few sought after gas powered carts on the island and it‚s totally loaded to boot.

Custom features include:

• Raised chassis and enlarged wheels/tires to keep you from worrying about scraping the bottom along the town's speed bumps.
• Extra long roof to cover both the front and rear seats to keep more of you out of the sun and rain
• Back seats fold down to make a small cargo space for bringing groceries and drinks back to the house.
• And of course it has lights, drink holders, and a little place to record your daily notes.
• Should hold at least 5-6 adults and more if kids can sit on laps.

And, yes, we have rules since this cart cost us way too much. Here are the rules:

• We ask that you keep the cart on smooth surfaces of the island only. There are some sections of the island that are still like back roads and can be very bumpy and ruff on the cart as well as very muddy after rains.

• The cart must be parked away from any salty breezes at night to help it last longer.

• Guests are responsible for filling up the tank with gas from the local gas station and leaving it with a full tank as you received it. Angel will show you where.

Always take the keys out when parked and take extra care to keep track of the keys

• Please drive VERY carefully; especially in town and watch out for the crazy drivers.

• Guests are responsible for the costs to repair any damage to the cart.

We hope that one can't get into too much trouble driving a golf cart around the island but we‚ve heard some interesting stories. The house is only about a 5-minute bike ride and 15-minute walk to the edge of town so a mountain bike or calling taxis also works well. Many of our guests have kids, elderly, someone that has an injury or like to have the option to head into town or around the island at any given time without waiting for a taxi. It can sometimes be a challenge, no matter how slow you go, to walk or bike to a restaurant without working up a sweat. It's also good for hauling groceries or dive gear back to the house, etc. As one of our guests put it: "Life was fine without one, but once we got one we just couldn't do without it".

Let us know if you would like to rent the cart during your stay and we'll add it to your invoice.
We'll inform our caretaker, Angelito, to reserve it and have it ready for your stay.